Results Manager

You can use Results Manager to organize, track, and remediate issues identified by data analytics. Results Manager allows you to work with transactions identified in ACL Analytics and ACL Analytics Exchange and imported into Results Manager projects as test results. Before you can import these test results, you must create the Project, Test Set, and Test in Results Manager that you want to import the test results into.

Users that have been assigned the Audit Manager or Auditor role for a project can export transactions from ACL Analytics and ACL Analytics Exchange to that project. For information on exporting from these applications to Results Manager using scripts or analytics, see the “Export” command topic in the ACL Language Reference. For information on manually exporting exceptions from ACL Analytics, see “Exporting exceptions to ACL GRC” in the ACL Analytics User Guide.

In Results Manager, you can record the ongoing status changes to records as they are processed, assign them to the responsible user, and create triggers to automate the application workflow to match your organization’s existing processes. For example, you can create groups that define the sequence a record must follow when being assigned from one user to another, and create triggers to automatically notify the next person in the group as each user in the group completes their work. You can also create questionnaires that are sent to users based on criteria you specify. The answers to the questions are stored in Results Manager.

In order to set up the triggers required for your organizations workflow, you need to understand the monitoring requirements and issue resolution process for identified exceptions. You also need to be familiar with the business areas, controls, and tests in Risk Manager and Project Manager.


Results Manager is designed to help organizations manage the detailed review of individual transactions. To prevent ACL GRC from being overloaded with large volumes of data, a maximum of 1000 records can be imported at one time, and the maximum number of records each individual test can contain is 10000.

You must ensure that the analytic tests you create in ACL Analytics or ACL Analytics Exchange do not produce results that exceed these limits.

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